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Lonny S. Jarrett

Lonny has been active in the field of Chinese Medicine since 1980, teaching and publishing...
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Chinese Physiology


Nourishing Destiny, The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine
By: Lonny S. Jarrett
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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine,
By: Lonny S. Jarrett
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Daoist Body Cultivation, First Chapter By Lonny Jarrett
By: Livia Kohn Ed.
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Spirit of the Point Cards, A visual learning tool for students of Chinese medicine
By: Kathryn R. Nemirovsky
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The Compleat Acupuncturist, A Guide to Constitutional and Conditional Pulse Diagnosis
By: Peter Eckman
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Inner Traditions of Chinese Medicine:
Clinical Integration
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Classes [ Clinical Integration Class · Conferences · Lectures · International Lectures ]   

Clinical Integration Class


Lonny S. Jarrett:

What is the largest possible context for the practice of Chinese medicine in the 21st century? How will Chinese medicine help humanity to face the challenges that confront us today?

Pursuing an integrated approach to treatment, the advanced practitioner must hold a diagnostic view that extends from a patient's spiritual depth to the most superficial aspects of his or her physical being. The practitioner is faced with two tasks. The first is to assess the nature of the patient's constitutional endowment. This is the deepest view of the inborn influences that will most effectively support functional balance and the manifestation of life's potential. The quality of this endowment may be likened to a diamond buried in the patient's depth. The second task is to determine the ways that suppression of one's inner self has been embodied as functional pathology and illness. Here, one is concerned with the nature of the trash that lies on top of and obscures the influence of one's innate treasure.

What is the largest possible context for the practice of Chinese medicine in the 21st century? How will Chinese medicine help humanity to face the challenges that confront us today? The focus of this course will be to provide 20 practitioners with a firm grounding in the principles of five-element constitutional diagnosis as they are integrated with a pre-TCM tradition of eight-principle pulse diagnosis. The class will consist of 12 weekends over a two year period beginning in the Fall of the year 2008. Clinical experience will be emphasized with roughly half the weekends spent assessing patients. Each member of the class will have the opportunity to spend time in my clinical practice as well. The substance of the class will include and transcend the content of my two books, Nourishing Destiny, and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. This is a class for those practitioners who are interested in building on the perennial traditions to create the future of Chinese medicine, now.

Topics Include:

  • Chinese medicine as part of an integral science of conscious evolution.
  • Learn to discern the authentic and created self as a basis for clinical practice.
  • Destiny and Constitutional Type.
  • Diagnosis in a black and white context-Whatís real, what isnít, what to do about it.
  • Inner Functions of Acupuncture Points, Herbal formulas, and Point Combinations.
  • The Suggestive Process in Therapy and Testing Emotions.
  • Diagnosis by Color, Sound, Odor & Emotion.
  • Practical Exercises in Recognizing Constitution.
  • Learn to Prescribe Herbs Reliably Based upon Pulse Diagnosis.
  • Learn to Discern Psychospiritual Issues from the Pulse Including; Divorce, Shock to the Heart, Resignation, Unexpressed Communication, and much more.
  • Use the Pulse to Enhance the Suggestive Process in Treatment.
  • Learn to integrate Five-element Constitutional diagnosis with a Deep Understanding of Physiological Process as Assessed with the Eight-principle System.
  • The Pulse as a Guide to a Truly Preventive Form of Medicine.
  • All Theory Elaborated in Clinic with patients.


Class Dates: Clinical Integration



Weekend #1

9/15 & 9/16/12

Weekend #2

10/13 & 10/14/12

Weekend #3

11/10 & 11/11/12

Weekend #4

3/9 & 3/10/13

Weekend #5

4/13 & 4/14/13

Weekend #6

5/11 & 5/12/13



Weekend #1

9/7 & 9/8/13

Weekend #2

10/5 & 10/6/13

Weekend #3

11/2 & 11/3/13

Weekend #4

3/1 & 3/2/14

Weekend #5

4/5 & 4/6/14

Weekend #6

5/3 & 5/4/14


Clinical Integration: Registration Form & Dates: 2010

The class will meet in Stockbridge, MA, on 12 Saturdays and Sundays beginning in the Fall of 2012. Class meets from 9am-5pm with one hour for lunch. There are two payment options for registrants that include paying the whole course in advance for a discount or paying one year at a time. Currently this class is approved for CEU's by Massachusetts, and the NCCAOM. Five course hours focus on ethics and are approved by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine and should fulfill the NCCAOM requirement. for recertification.

  1. Pay in Full for 18% Discount:
    1. Nonrefundable deposit of $500 is received by November, 1, 2011.
    2. Balance of $2350 due by 3/15/12. Total Cost= $2850
  2. Pay First Year in Advance
    1. Nonrefundable deposit of $500 is received by November first, 2011.
    2. Balance of $1150 due by 3/15/12.
    3. Second year tuition ($1650) due 3/1/13. Total Cost= $3300


"I have found my studies with Lonny Jarrett to be invaluable on many levels. The course has provided in-depth learning and clinical experience with pulse taking and five elements diagnosis, and perhaps more importantly what it means to be a practitioner and the intentionality behind each clinic encounter. My only disappointment is that the course will only last for two years. I have found time with Lonny to be truly inspirational, and it has only intensified my longing to enhance my skills and "seeing" as a practitioner. This course has put me on the right path."

Jessie Shaw, M.S., L.Ac. O.M.,
Graduate of Tri-State College of Acupuncture, 2002

"I have found Lonny's Clinical Integration class to be incredibly useful in my everyday practice. The course offers practical insights on how to focus treatments by Element while also addressing the physical manifestations of pathology -- How to create the intimate spirit to spirit connection of a Five Element practitioner while also addressing the physical manifestations of your patients walk through the world.

For practitioners who are struggling to integrate on their own the creation of a spirit focused practice in a world with patients expressing real physical pain and suffering the course is a valuable asset. For Five Element trained practitioners, it offers valuable tools and insights on how to treat the substances through acupuncture and herbology without losing your spiritual focus. For TCM trained practitioners, if offers a quantum leap from viewing the spirits as relics of Chinese antiquity to seeing a patients true potential beyond pathology -- assisting them to walk their Tao in the fullest perspective possible."

Eric Renaud,
Graduate of TAI-Sophia

"Lonny takes Chinese medical theory to a personal depth that is hard to find elsewhere. The result is a rich, inspiring, supremely intelligent and sometimes very amusing take on life and how Chinese medicine serves it."

Alexandra Knox,
TAI-Sophia, 1992

"Studying with Lonny Jarrett has been a heart opening, mind expanding, and enlightening experience. Graduating from a TCM school gave me a foundation and philosophy of Chinese Medicine, but left a void in my actual practice of it. I wanted a more encompassing way in which to reach my patients and guide their healing on an emotional and spiritual level, as well as physiological. Lonny offered a deeper understanding of pulse diagnosis, the nature of a patients constitution, and the path toward fulfillment of one's life potential, as a means toward balanced health.

On a personal note, I felt inspired and challenged to practice the art of medicine in a deeper, more profound way. This class challenged me to change on a fundamental level, to aspire to a higher perspective, to be open to a deeper understanding of myself and others. In essence, I must be willing to risk everything to evolve and heal at the very core of myself, in order to be of assistance in the healing of anyone else. This class is a valuable asset to any medical practitioners seriously interested in the health of their patients."

Cynthia Treglia, MS, LAc,
Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Austin, TX


This class is suitable for practitioners of Chinese medicine or students finishing their last year of clinic.

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